The RST button on an Android Head Unit

The reset button on the Android headunit is missing
I can’t press the reset button
The RST button does nothing
What is the RST hole for an Android head unit?


Reset button, or often is it shortened to RST, and occasionally RES is mentioned in every Android headunit manual. You may see it daily or assume your Android head unit doesn’t have one. But it does, just not where you expect it to be.

RST Button location

On many popular 10″ and 11″ single DIN androids, the RST button is on the front panel. There is a hole labeled RST for reset, but it is just a hole. The actual RST button sits directly behind this hole. The small aperture hole and set back button need a tool to operate them. This protects the reset button from all but a very deliberate act to press it.

Reset button tool

A professional tool for reliably and repeatedly pressing the RST button may be available. But for the everyday user, a toothpick or straightened paper clip or one of those SIM card ejectors works well. If you have been forced to become too familiar with the RST, you may have already found your favorite reset button tool.

RST button uses

There is no prize for knowing that the button labeled RST or RESET will reset the Android headunit operation. This reset halts the Android’s running and sends a signal to the MCU to initialize. The process is similar to switching it off and on again. RST can cure bad apps that have gone slow or leaked memory by restarting the software.

RST has more up its sleeve in some cases, particularly for those Android headunits without any physical buttons. The Reset button can be a communication conduit to the Android headunit MCU to control features such as ‘Reboot in Recovery Mode’ and ‘Navigate the menu and make a selection.’ The RST series of the long press, short press, and release send a signal to the Android headunit to issue commands. The commands are interpreted and actioned without the need for a physical button.

Where is the RST Button?

RST button android head unit
The top left-hand corner is a popular place for the reset button on the 7″ Android headunits
Hidden reset button on android head unit
This reset (RST) button is only visible after removing the large screen.
Reset on bottom right corner android head unit
The bottom right-hand corner and reset are labeled RES.
Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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