UIS8581 processor

The Unisoc UIS8581E processor is found in some android headunits but its biggest share of market is in the mobile phone.

UIS8581 Questions and Answers

Is the UIS8581 a modern processor?

Yes, the UIS8581 is considered a modern processor. Making is debut in 2018.

Can the UIS8581 be called a fat processor?

Yes, the UIS8581 is fast compared to many of the processors used in the android headunits that came before it.

Is the UIS8581 a quadcore?

No. The UIS8581 is an octacore processor.

Is the UIS8581 a good processor for an android headunit?

Yes. The UIS8581 is up with the better and quicker android headunits. Beaten by some but towers over the numerous quadcores.


The UIS8581 has 8 cores. This makes it an octacore processor.
The 8 ARM Coretx A55 cores are arranged as 2 sets of 4.

4 of the ARM cores run at a max 1.2Ghz
4 of the ARM cores run at a max 1.6Ghz

This 4+4 ARM coretx is designed for a low power 4 to save battery and a high power 4 to provide a fast response. This is ideal for a phone but not needed or wanted in an android headunit. The UIS8581E is another processor that has found its way from the phones into a less than ideal android headunit platform.


The ARM Coretx A55 implements the ARMv8.2-A (64-bit) instruction set architecture. This is a relatively modern system with 64 bits playing an advantage over the earlier 32bit instruction sets found in the older android headunits.

Being ARMv8.2-A (64-bit) based makes the UIS8581E a modern processor.


The quantity of RAM fitted to the UIS8581E based android headunits varied between 2Gb and 4Gb. Modern android headunits are fitted with a minimum of 4Gb. The 2Gb and 3Gb option look like a cost cutting operation that went too far. When the chip can support 4Gb RAM, anything less is a huge loss for the sake of a few yen.


The UIS8581E 8 core processor shares a striking resemblance to the UNISOC SC9863. The two processors share the same ARM Cortex A55 cores, clocked at the same 1.2Ghz/1.6Ghz. The UIS8581E and the UNISOC SC9863 can be treated as the same processor when comparing android headunits. When both are fitted with their maximum 4Gb RAM, the performance will be the same.

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