Universal Android Headunit with a CD drive?

You are not alone, if you ever wondered if anyone makes an android headunit that includes a CD or DVD drive. While technology has marched on through the generations of MP3 and then onto streaming, some users still have a lot of CDs to play.

Real CDs

Ripping CD to MP3 and copying to a high capacity USB stick seems like the solution, but some people like the satisfying feeling of putting a CD in the drive for it to play or just can’t face the prospect of ripping all those CDs. The drives are also DVD compatible, so the same can be said for playing films in the van, they would rather stick to what they know and that is a physical medium.

Double DIN

If you have a 2 DIN space to fit the android headunit and want one with a CD and DVD, then this is the solution – The Pumpkin 6.2″ Android 9.0. This is the version with discretely integrated DVD/CD drive positioned above the screen. You get all the usual pumpkin android headunit features, like ISO leads, physical volume control and top notch quality, with this model. The great 4Gb RAM, fast booting and OctaCore processor is present, matching the other higher end pumpkins and reversing camera compatible, add-on for DAB+ radio but with support DVD video to the headrest and screen.

[review_summary title=”Quick Review summary” summary=”Android headunit combines a CD DVD drive” positives=”If you want a CD/DVD this is for you
High quality
great support
OctaCore PX5 fast processor
plenty of connectivity options
has fast boot
well proven platform
Physical volume control” negatives=”It is a universal, so additional adaptors may be required to install
not the latest processor, but still high-end
limited stock available”] [rating title=”Speed” value=”4″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Value for money” value=”4″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Ease of use” value=”5″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Ease of install” value=”3″ range=”5″] [rating title=”CD and DVD compatability” value=”5″ range=”5″] [/review_summary]

Buy the Pumpkin on Amazon

Newer model Pumpkin on eBay

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