Universal Pumpkin has an upgrade

The very popular universal fit android headunit we looked at earlier has had a makeover. The improvements seem to be minor, but they are there. The RAM has stayed at a very respectable 4G but the ROM has increased to 64Gb. This doubling of ROM doesn’t really do very much and the big number is more of a headline than a useful feature. The rear connections have been streamlined and it looks like manufacturing costs have been reduced with the RCA connectors attached to the heatsink rather than a flying lead.

Tight for space

The problem with fixed RCA sockets is that rear space can be limited and fitting high quality RCA plugs to the install can make very tight behind the headunit. You would be well advised to check, not just the depth of the Pumpkin, but how much space you need to include the RCA connectors. The earlier pumpkin didn’t have this problem because the RCA were on a loom that is easily relocated.

Same trusty processor

The upgrading hasn’t reached to the processor, so the PX5 Octacore is still the workhorse of this android headunit, even though the new PX6 is available. The PX5 is still very capable and the pumpkins have fastboot feature that helps in the challenging boot up phase.

Customise time

Plenty of customisation available including RGB, ISO connectors, a double DIN mounting, physical volume control with a 7″ screen make this pumpkin just as good as the previous, but it does seem to have missed the opportunity to step up with the latest processor. If you have plenty of rear space to mount it and want the new pumpkin with its rock solid PX5 and plentiful 4Gb RAM, with its reduced cost, here it is on eBay.

[review_summary title=”Quick Review summary” summary=”An update to the android headunit from a well respected brand” positives=”High quality
OctaCore PX5, 4Gb RAM (update 64Gb ROM)
plenty of connectivity options
has fast boot
well proven platform
Physical volume control” negatives=”It is a universal, so additional adaptors may be required to install
not the latest processor
concerns over the supplied cage a flush fitting problems”] [rating title=”Speed” value=”4″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Value for money” value=”4″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Ease of use” value=”5″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Ease of install” value=”3″ range=”5″] [/review_summary]

Buy the Pumpkin on eBay

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