Universal reversing cameras for android headunits

Backup cameras or reversing cameras are a very useful standard feature of an android headunit. They can be factory fitted cameras, custom fit cameras or universal aftermarket cameras that could be fitted to your vehicle for use with an android headunit. This post is about the universal fitting backup camera that comes with many different features.

The universal backup camera

The most basic universal reversing cameras are sometimes included in the box as a gift with your android headunit. These are also available very cheaply on the auction sites. There are different versions available and these have a confusing number of possible congratulations. We will look at a selection of them to help you choose the right one for you and your vehicle.
If you want more than just a rear-view camera, then take a look at the ‘360 camera view‘ option instead.

The options

There are several combinations of reversing camera options are available to you for your android headunit. These are listed below with brief explanation of design options and how they could affect your buying choice.

1. Surface mounting

a classic surface mounting camera for an android headunit
Cheap, basic and functional backup camera on eBay

The surface mount reversing camera is mounted directly on the bodywork or bumper. It often has a small mounting plate with holes in to accept screws. There is a degree of angle adjustment with that system. This is the most basic type of attachment and needs to be positioned well to be hidden. It may not stand up to the automatic car wash because of its surface mounting. The camera pictured above has a wide 170 degree view, a degree of low light response and very important for a surface mount, that it is waterproof.

2. Flush mounting

Flush mounting backup camera for an android headunit
Flush fitting reversing camera with illumination and holes on eBay

The flush fitting reversing camera requires a large circular hole to be cut – usually drilled with a holesaw for it to mount. This requires a bit more work and some bravery. A correct sized holesaw is usually supplied with the better versions to help get a perfect fit. You don’t have the same level of adjustment as the surface mount so there is quite a hit on the flexibility for a nice finish. If you have the right spot to fit it that gives the angle you want to view, they can look very neat for a universal backup camera. Consider mounting in the rear bumper for a good, long view of the space behind you.

3. Flush mounting with adjustment

flush mounting camera with lens angle adjustment for an android headunit
Drill a hole to mount this camera but you can still adjust the angle (on eBay)

This flush mounting camera also requires a large hole to be drilled to accept the body but there is a degree of protrusion. This allows the lens a degree of adjustment to get the angle you need for the best reversing view. Ideally this can be mounted quite high up on the vehicle and the angle can be adjusted to look down towards the rear bumper.

4. Integrated to a frame

The reversing camera mounted on a licence plate frame for an android headunit
easy to install reversing camera on eBay (with some night vision assistance)

The reversing camera mounted on a licence plate frame is one of the easiest jobs to fit yourself. You can use the existing mounting holes for a UK style number plate. If you do need to drill extra holes to accommodate the cables the job doesn’t need to be perfect because the drill holes will never be seen. You don’t have any choice where to mount this and there is a small degree of adjustment, but has to be the easiest way that requires the least skill to fit. Also available in US style licence plate (on eBay – here) because it’s shape is made to fit a counties style of plate you need to get the correct one.


Dynamic trajectory tracking lines on a camera for an android headunit
Trajectory lines reversing cameras on Amazon

The clever trajectory tracking reversing camera feature is available to most of the reversing cameras. The image is shown superimposed over the rear camera view and adjust the direction of the lines to mirror the vehicles movement. The tighter you turn the more the lines bend, straighten up and the lines do the same. They are helpful to guide you into a reverse parking bay. The clever electronics in inside the camera itself sense the change of direction and calculate the lines to be added to the backup image. Some backup cameras with this feature also allow it to be disabled by cutting a wire loop on the camera loom.

6. Addition lighting

Extra Lights fitted to a reversing camera for an android headunit
Reversing camera with extra lights

Some reversing cameras include either infra-red or bright white LEDs. These are fitted to try to improve the low light image from the camera. The additional light they provide is not huge but may help brighten the image slightly. The area or object that is illuminated needs to be quite close to the camera. While LED light is visible but the infra-red are not visible to the eye, only the camera.

To round up

Some key points that can help guide you through maze of universal fitting reversing cameras and hopefully you will avoid the pitfalls.

If there is a custom fit camera available you may find this more expensive but will give a better finished look than a surface mounting reversing camera.

Look for the word ‘waterproof’ in either the title or the description, you may be surprised to know that some of the very cheap reversing cameras a just not waterproof.

Decide how and where you will mount it and check behind this area before drilling any holes.

Don’t forget to connect the pink wire on your android headunit to the reversing light circuit for automatic camera display when reverse is selected.

Reversing Camera Diagram for android headunit
Reverse cam power install wiring diagram on android headunit

More diagrams

There are more diagrams that can help you install the universal backup camera in our article here – Connect reversing camera to android head unit.

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