What does an android headunit do in a car?

What is the advantage of having an android headunit in the car?

Stereo Upgrade

The android headunit would take the place of your current car stereo or car radio. The android headunit has an FM radio built in and can play MP3 tracks. So it can be a good replacement for a car stereo if you wanted more features than a basic car stereo.


The android headunit also has a screen. This can display anything from youtube videos, web pages to google maps navigation. The screen is more than just a display. It is connected to an android system, so virtually any android app can be used on the android headunit screen. The large screen also lends itself to being a great display for the backing up camera. A simple addition of the reversing camera and you have a fully functioning back up camera system. No apps required, this is a standard feature in all android headunit. Just like the GPS sat nav.

Better than a phone

You don’t need to have your phone with you to use the android headunit fitted to your car. The screen is not a mirror of the phone apps. The screen is part of the android system built into the android headunit. You load apps directly into the android headunit. Free and paid apps all work and are available on the play store. All your favourites are there and some extras you never thought you needed on your phone. Launchers are a popular app upgrade for android headunits but are often over looked on phones that stick on the stock launcher for their time. The large, clear touch screen is in easy reach of the driver. No need to fiddle with your phone to change tracks or adjust the volume.

All in one

The android headunits are an all in one device of car stereo, in car screen and android apps. None of which need a phone to operate but adding a data connection by sharing your phone hotspot does improve the usability. Hotspots are not the only way to add data, USB dongles work and some even have built in data SIM card slots. Custom android headunits integrate into the vehicle electronics and can even control the aircon and other features of the modern car. If you wanted a car stereo that can run android apps, do sat nav with GPS, play MP3 or even stream from spotify or deezer straight into the car speakers, you need an android headunit.

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