What is a Double DIN android Head Unit?

We are often asked some basic questions related to Android headunits and are very happy to answer them. The common question is, ‘What is a Double DIN android head unit?’ We will answer this question, and hopefully, the answer will help you when making an Android headunit purchase.


DIN is a standard car stereo size. Typically all car stereos you could replace with any other stereo were a single DIN. They are wide, not very high, and quite deep into the dashboard. Typically that used to have a tape player, then later versions had a CD player. These were all DIN sizes.

Double DIN

Double DIN is the size of 2xDIN. When stacked on top of each other, you get the same width, same depth but twice the height of a single DIN.

The same features apply to Double DIN as a single DIN, but some cars could take two single DIN, like a CD and CD autochanger or a single Double DIN stereo.

Android Headunit

An android headunit is described in our post: What is an android head unit? But to keep it short and sweet, an Android headunit can run its Android apps and doesn’t mirror a phone to show the apps, GPS, or reversing camera display.

Double DIN Android headunit

The meaning behind the phrase ‘double DIN android head unit’ should now be evident.

With a double DIN android headunit, you can have a maximum screen size of 7″ diagonal and stay within the constraints of the double DIN size. This is a good size still to read the driver’s seat screen icons. But the screen sizes are not limited to the DIN size as found in all the 10″ screens right up to the enormous tesla style screens, like this joying. Many single DIN Android headunits have relatively large screens, and the body and screen sizes can be independent.

Old format

The Double DIN can be considered an old format. This is due to most car manufacturers moving away from a double or single DIN space for the car stereo. Modern cars generally have custom-fit car stereos, which will only fit a particular manufacturer, like the Ford brand. Even if a space looks like it could be a double DIN, it may not be. Conversely, the front of the stereo may be hiding a Double DIN space behind it.

What’s fitted?

Measuring your existing stereo front can help you identify if it is a double DIN, single DIN, or custom fit.
The DIN headunits are rectangular, so if your existing car stereo is not rectangular, it won’t be a DIN.

The dimensions of a single DIN are 180mm wide by 50mm high, and the dimensions of a Double DIN are the same 180mm wide but double the height of a single DIN at 100.3mm.

Suppose your existing stereo or the car radio aperture measure is close to the rectangular DIN sizes above. In that case, it can be assumed that a single or double DIN android headunit will fit in the space.


The depth is the distance that the stereo disappears into the dashboard. There is no standard for this with a single DIN or double DIN Android headunit. Typically they can reach 100mm from front to back; others can be over 120mm from to back. There is also the consideration of the rear fitting cables. These plugs add to the depth required. It needs a tape measure to ensure adequate depth to install the Android headunit in the dashboard. Check with the manufacturer of the headunit for the dimensions required.


2DIN is the same as Double DIN. It may be shown as 2DIN to save space on the sales page. Similarly, 1DIN is the same as a single DIN.

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  1. For the geeks, DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., the German Institute for Standardisation Registered Association. They have standards for just about everything.


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