What is ‘CVBS in 1’ the yellow RCA for?

Your new replacement car stereo is an android headunit that comes with a large number of connectors. These extra cables are usually marked with some cryptic text and no written description of what they should be connected to. You may not even need to connect them, but unless you know what they are, how would you know?

Advanced features need more wires

All the advanced features are not available on every android headunit so you may not have every wire listed in our ‘Connection Guide’ box below. But now you have a guide to every wire you have that should hopefully decode the cryptic text on the headunit connectors.

CBVS – the yellow RCA

CVBS is an acronym for ‘composite video baseband signal’ and is usually carried on a yellow RCA / Phono type plug and socket.

CVBS is a video signal (standard-definition, analogue video).

CVBS IN is a video input (incoming to the android headunit). You can use this input to display video from say an old games console or AHD type analogue camera on the screen of the android headunit. CVBS is a very common and highly universal video connector. Although very well supported it had been replaced by HDMI leads for HD video.

CVBS IN 1 just identifies it as the first (number 1), as opposed to 2 (number 2). This helps if there is more than one video input lead for your android headunit.

CVBS IN 1, the first video input connector.

What does the CVBS in 1 plug look like?

The CVBS in 1 socket needs a matching RCA or Phono type plug. It usually has a yellow jacket to help differentiate from other, same format connectors. The colour doesn’t affect it’s function it just helps with the mass of wires.

CVBS in 1 connector
CVBS plug connector for android headunit

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