What is MAX 10 OS?

What is MAX 11 OS?

Both of these operating systems could be found on Dasaita head units. The earlier MAX 10 is based on Android 10, and the later version of MAX 11 is based on the Android 11 code. The MAX software is customization by Dasaita for their brand of headunits. They typically run on later and higher spec processors like the PX6 with at least 4Gb RAM for the best response.


The MAX OS is more than just a launcher; the home screen and icons are the most visually notable and different from stock Android. The dark, moody, deep blue color scheme is the signature of MAX OS.

Dasaita Upgrade

Dasaita allows you to change the OS patch from MAX 10 or MAX 11 to VIVID OS and get a different user interface, which is a relatively simple process. You need the correct patch file available from Dasaita, and it is essential to stay within the identical Android versions on which the MAX and VIVID are based. For example, upgrade MAX 10 to VIVID 10 or MAX 11 to VIVID 11. Do not cross the 10/11 boundary with MAX 10 to VIVID 11, as this comes with many risks of bricking the headunit.

To update the Dasaita to Vivid OS from MAX OS

MAX 10 OS Update
  • Source the correct firmware for your Dasaita headunit
  • Download the document via your Windows computer/laptop, then use the WinZip application to unzip the file.
  • Make sure to format the USB drive to FAT32 format or the SD card in the same format before copying the update.zip file.
  • Put only the update.zip file in the root directory of the USB drive/SD card.
  • Please note that all data on this unit needs to be wiped before updating the system, so back up essential data if necessary.
  • Finally, click Settings > System > System updates to start the update.


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