What is SWC on an android Headunit?

SWC are Steering Wheel Controls. The stalks near the steering wheel that are used to adjust the volume, skip a track forward, backward and pause.

SWC come in two distinct formats, being either factory fitted by the vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket universal fitted.

Factory fitted SWC

Factory fitted SWC need an interface adaptor to connect to an android headunit. Typically a CAN bus adaptor is supplied with a custom fit android headunit that is tailored specifically to that model of vehicle. This is ideal, because when you install the custom fit android headunit along with the supplied CAN bus adaptor it keeps the factory fitted SWC functioning.

Universal fitting android headunits can also connect to factory fitted SWC by use of an appropriate Connects2 style adaptor. There is no CAN BUS box for the universal headunit. So the additional adaptor is tailored to your vehicle electronics and interfaces these to the android headunit.

Aftermarket SWC

If your vehicle is not fitted with SWC and you are installing a universal fit (like the very popular pumpkin), it is possible to add and aftermarket SWC directly to it. There are a huge number of different aftermarket SWC compatible with a universal android headunit, but we have picked our favourite here. It has a sturdy mounting to the cowling and feels well made. Connection is simple with only three wires to the headunits KEY1 KEY2 and GND wires.

Steering Wheel Control addon for an android Headunit
Simple two wire installation for this universal SWC

Mounting the recommended SWC

Use the supplied screws that self-tap into the plastic cowling when you are sure the position is correct. The supplied sticky pad is just for temporary placement and testing to ensure the position is correct before installing the screws.

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