What is the fastest Double DIN with front USB socket?

Are you looking for the fastest universal fitting Double DIN Android headunit to replace a factory stereo? We review one of the fastest UIS7862 Android headunits that also features a front-mounted USB socket.

The fastest Android headunit from a brand name and easy install ISO connectors puts this Double DIN at the top of the list for speed and ease of installation.


Fitted with the fastest processor available in an Android headunit, the UIS7862 Octacore makes this very quick. It is coupled with the 3 GB of RAM to make the switching between apps much more fluid than those with only 1 GB and 2 GB RAM. It also has a higher degree of future-proofing where later generations of apps will need more RAM and faster processors; this headunit is already equipped for that.

It is just a bit of a corner cut that the whole 8 GB RAM is not fitted to the full support of the advanced UIS7862 Processor can handle.


This universal double DIN Android headunit comes with ISO-style connectors, making fitting to an older vehicle with the same connector very straightforward. Later vehicles may need an adaptor, but this is still much easier to connect – more plug-and-play than the Android headunits that only have bare wires to connect up.

Standard Double DIN

A standard double din 7″ Android headunit is sometimes the best option when a factory fit is unavailable. Our recommendation has a double din 7″ screen but a single DIN body with a chunky heatsink for better cooling.

Fastest Android Headunit with front USB socket
Single DIN body with better cooling from the chunky blue heatsink

Front USB

The front USB is a nice touch and much more accessible than the rear USB ports. It is ideally suited to a USB memory stick for stored music playing or tethering your phone and is not so useful for a final install USB DAB+ adaptor or TPMS module. There are still two rear USB leads for these add-ons.


You may be looking for a double DIN that can also run DAB+. This is one of the Android headunits with many compatible features. The complete list is very long, along with TPMS, wifi, reversing camera, GPS, and satnav. If it is a standard feature, this universal Android headunit is compatible. But there is more than just the standard list; there is also the HDMI output socket for sending the headunit screen to headrest monitors or a large TV. Something you may find helpful, and it is there if you need it.

Available Addons

This Android Headunit is compatible with:

Universal Reversing Cameras,
360-degree camera views,
DAB+ Radio upgrade,
GPS Sat-Nav with Google Maps or Waze,
Aftermarket Steering Wheel Controls (SWC),
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS),
OBD2 engine diagnostics,
4G Mobile Data,
Digital TV (DVB-T2).

All the Android Head Units come with wifi and GPS as standard built-in.

Our Recommendation

If the fastest 7″ universal is what you need, then this ATOTO S8 Standard (Gen2) DoubleDIN is the one for you.

It has a Double DIN body made of metal to provide a good heatsink and durable construction. You are limited to fitting into a Double din space, and if you only have a single din mounting, this android headunit is not for you.

Quick Review Summary

Fastest Universal Double DIN Android Headunit


  • High quality
  • Respected brand
  • UIS7862 Processor – fastest
  • Fastboot
  • 3 GB RAM (But more would be better)
  • Front USB
  • DSP/EQ
  • ISO connectors
  • Great cooling heatsink
  • Great value for money
  • DAB+ compatible


  • No RGB
  • Universal fit will require more work than a custom fit.
  • 32 GB ROM is not huge and may fill quickly
  • UIS7862 can support 8 GB RAM


  • Speed: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Ease of installation: 3/5

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