Where to connect PARKING wire on Android Headunit

The PARKING wire is often found on an android headunit wiring guide.

Brake wire

The PARK wire is also known as the PARKING lead or the BRAKE wire. They are all the same thing and do the same function.


You wont find PARK or BRAKE wire on the standard ISO plugs and can often be seen as a longer flying lead with no plug on the far end. This mysterious lead often causes confusion because it does not correspond with any connection of factory stereo.


Parking lead is often a green coloured wire with a white tracer. This is not a standard with car manufacturers or ISO, so you may find the brake/park/parking wire is not green and white but it will probably be the one left over with nothing to connect it to.

What is BRAKE wire for?

BRAKE wire is to send a signal to the android headunit from the car. The part of the car that the android headunit is interested in is the parking brake. The parking brake also known as the emergency brake has a corresponding light on the dashboard to show when the parking brake is applied. The light extinguishes when the handbrake is released.


DO NOT WATCH VIDEOS WHILE DRIVING is good advice. Your android headunit needs to know the position of the parking handbrake to suppress the video playing capability. And it gets this information from the parking brake signal, the same signal that puts the parking brake warning on the dashboard.

Easy Access

The Parking brake switch and its associated cable is usually in the centre console and attached to the handbrake itself. Access may not be very easy, but it will be much easier to get to than the dashboard light. The handbrake signal is very simple and tapping the android headunit PARKING wire into the single wire on the parking brake circuit is all that is needed.

Problems and Solutions

Access to the parking brake circuit in the centre console may be problematic, time consuming or just not necessary. If you don’t need the warning about not driving and watching videos at the same time, there will be no need to add the PARKING wire. Not connecting the PARK wire to the parking brake will remove the ability of the android headunit to sense the position of the handbrake. Either grounding (GND) the PARKING wire or attaching it to ACC will permanently tell the android headunit that the handbrake is applied or not applied. You may need to play a bit of trial and error if the initial GND grounding doesn’t remove any message. If the message ‘DO NOT WATCH VIDEOS WHILE DRIVING‘ persists with your wiring modifications there could be a setting in the menu to suppress it anyway.

PARKING wire on Android Headunit
PARK wire may not be necessary to connect on your android headunit

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