Which universal Double DIN Android Headunit is best for DSP?

If you arrived here to know what a DSP is in an Android headunit, read this DSP topic. That topic will explain all about a DSP’s advantages and what it does for you. Not all Android headunits have a DSP, and it could be a useful option for you.


There is no point having the best DSP with the sound adjusted to exactly the way you like it, with the right top end balanced and the mid-tones that roll off perfectly for your bass to be perfectly balanced and all matching the speakers you fitted if the whole android experience is slow and frustrating.


The fastest processor by quite a margin when it comes to mobile processors is the Rockchip PX6, but just having a fast processor is not enough for running an Android headunit. The RAM is a very important feature, and insufficient can make the headunit sluggish to react. You want the headunit to respond instantly to your screen taps or swipes, and anything less is frustrating. Frustrating is not a good look while driving, so we picked the PX6 and 4GB RAM.


But you thought this all about the best DSP in an Android headunit? You are right; the full package of Universal fitting, double din, PX6 processor, 4 GB RAM, a quality DSP option and even a CD/DVD is included in this Eunavi android 9 Headunit (Options: Color: PX6 DSP 4G 64G) to see the correct one 🙂

All about the DSP.

WE RECOMMEND THAT the DSP module used in the Eunavi is based on the AKM7738 automotive grade, multi-core, 32-bit DAC in a 64-pin LQFP package. It delivers 2 stereo ADCs (A/D converter), one monaural ADC, 2 stereo DACs (D/A converter), and 4 asynchronous SRCs (Sample Rate Converters) that are purpose designed for automotive applications. We are making this a very capable and practical choice for the basis of a DSP option in an Android headunit.

Only an Android headunit with a DSP can have this level of control over the sound.

The DSP processing is very dependent on the user interface to unlock all the features of the DSP. If you can’t access the feature on the screen, it won’t be possible to adjust it, and the Eunavi Android headunit comes with a fully featured app to control those features. There are pre-sets, two user memories and 30 fine adjustments of the graphic equalizer on the DSP.

The high-end features

Top-end Double DIN

This android headunit has everything you would expect from a top-end double din universal fit PX6 with the extra DSP. Currently available here, but be careful to choose the option of Color: PX6 DSP 4G 64G to get the right one.

Quick Review Summary

The PX6 4GB DSP Eunavi universal double din is an excellent choice for an android headunit.
The DSP is only just one of its outstanding features.


The fast PX6 processor
Very useful 4 GB RAM
Has ISO connectors
Integrated CD/DVD
Improved amplifier chip
Bluetooth 5
HDMI output
Physical volume control
GPS sat nav


It is a universal fit, so additional adaptors may be required to make it plug-and-play.
Vehicle-specific steering wheel control CAN BUS adaptor may be required at extra cost.


Speed 5/5
Customisations 5/5
Value for money 5/5
Ease of use 4/5
Ease of installation 3/5

Get the Eunavi DSP android headunit here

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnithttps://android-headunits.com
I am an Android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in-car entertainment installation, upgrade and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to their android headunit to try a different car launcher :)

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