Which Android version is this?

The setting screen shows

Soft Version: v7.5BT-FK-TP

Info: SK-848V6.7-C200S

MCU: 6905-V04.41

date: 2019-10-8 14:57:35

What is it?

The headunit is not Android based.

It is based on WindowsCE (WINCE) and contains no Android code. This soft version is found in the 7010B WinCE and its clones. Not to be confused with the superior Android headunits, these WINCE units are complete junk. There is no play store, and it can’t run Android apps, and you will struggle to get any apps for it because WINCE is a dead operating system.

Upgradable to Android?

Can the 7010B be flashed to run Android?
No, the hardware is not powerful enough to run Android, any version of Android.

It can’t be flashed or hacked to run Android, and the low processing power and a minimal amount of RAM is insufficient for Android. There is a delve into the WINCE based headunit specifications in our post.

Android HeadUnit
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