White circle on the Android Headunit screen

The mysterious white circle can appear on your Android headunit screen. Then it can disappear, and you want to know how to return it.

What is it?

What should I call this feature so I can find out more about it?

The white circle is called the ‘Navigation Dock.’


Why is there a white circle on my Android headunit screen?

The white circle is used as a shortcut for navigating the headunit screen. Tap, hold, and drag in one of the four directions may bring you back to a screen or recent tasks. At the same time, a press and hold may take you to the home screen. It may also be configured to access the voice assistant.

You can move the white circle with a quick tap and drag. This is useful to move it out of the way of the useful feature that is now obscured by the mysterious white circle.


Where are the settings for that white circle on the screen?

In the setting, search for ‘Navigation dock’ or navigate to ‘settings’ and ‘System navigation,’ then set Navigation dock to ‘on’ or ‘off’ depending on your preference for white circles.

The mysterious White circle in action

This is the strange white circle on an Android headunit screen with the AGAMA Launcher with the VW logo in Blue theme.

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