Wireless Backup Camera

All the Android headunits are compatible with a backup camera. Only a few of the cameras purchased are wireless.


While the Android backup cameras are called ‘wireless,’ this doesn’t mean they have no wires. This sounds odd, but true. The strange advertising of the so-called wireless Android headunit backup cameras means they are only partly wireless. The camera needs the power to operate the sensor and the transmitter, often wired directly to the reversing/backup warning light at the vehicle’s rear. The actual wireless bit is the long cable run. From the camera at the car’s rear to the head unit up by the driver, the wireless can negate the need for this cable.

True Wireless

There is an actual wireless backup camera system that doesn’t rely on installing an Android headunit first. Accessing the vehicle wiring is unnecessary to find this elusive backup light wire, and no warranty issues with adapted wiring or removing plastic trim (and breaking the clips) from the car to connect the wires.

Easy to fit

The actual wireless backup camera is straightforward to fit. The camera is truly wireless and needs no cables or harnesses, plugs, sockets, or wires to work. It is the same as the front screen except for the power cable to the front phone charging power socket.

How easy is easy?

Fitting the wireless backup camera system can take as little as five minutes. This is primarily due to no cables to find and connect; the rest is due to a well-designed system. The wireless cameras have an internal rechargeable battery, and this is how the camera gets power and can be 100% wireless without a connection to the car.


The screen with its base acts as a display for the wireless backup camera and as the master controller of the wireless cameras. The screen can connect to two wireless backup cameras (a second wireless camera is available here – Amazon).

Great Value

Suppose you don’t need the extra hassle of changing your headunit to get a wireless backup camera. In that case, this AUTO-VOX wireless backup camera system (on Amazon) is what you need. It is easy to install and gives an awesome wireless picture, making parking safer and less troublesome.

rechargeable wireless backup camera

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