XYAUTO Android Headunits Firmware

XY AUTO name is seen on many Android head units when investigating the firmware versions, usually running slow or misbehaving.

XY AUTO builds firmware that runs on many of these Android-based car stereos. Each version of screen resolution, memory configuration, and various options required a different firmware version.

There are also different firmware versions for the same head units. As the bugs are ironed out and improvements made, the new firmware is made available.


Where is the XYAUTO firmware?

The web page for XYAUTO firmware is here:

XYAUTO firmware login page
You are presented with a login screen


Username: xyauto
Password: 123456

XYAUTO firmware Download
Pages upon pages of directories of XYAUTO firmware for Android headunits

Directories of Firmware

The folders are cryptically named and are only helpful if the vendor has pointed you where to find the file you need. It is perilous (risk of permanently making it not work again) for the head unit if you flash the wrong firmware.

Wrong Firmware

Don’t randomly flash random firmware, even if you think it may be correct. It’s best to seek advice from the vendor or the experts at the https://www.xda-developers.com/ forum for Android-based car radios before any flash. Be sure you know why you need to flash. Some updates bring improvements but turn off other features. Be sure you know what you will lose, as you can’t roll back a flash.

Android HeadUnit
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I am an Android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in-car entertainment installation, upgrade and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to their android headunit to try a different car launcher :)

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    • Hello, please is there solutions for T3L stucking on logo? how to fix this? is there an auto firmware update without flash tools?
      thank you.

  1. Hi, is there a firwmare update for YT5716C_00009_V001_HIFI ?

    Head unit has support for 360 View camera but crashes and image unstable from reverse camera.


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