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Flashing, Rooting, and Modding

If you want to learn more about the tools needed to flash, mod or root the android headunit then we have two resources that are a gold mine of information.

Android Headunit Terminology

As with all technology, android headunits come with their own terminology. Seemingly nonsensical the descriptions of the android headunits are regularly seen as to confuse or bamboozle the buyer. Our guide will help to shine a light on what it all means and help you through the mine-field.

GPS SatNav on an Android Headunit

GPS suddenly becomes a lot more useful than just a location with the addition of Sat Nav. Satellite Navigation software can use the GPS position, a software map and some clever algorithms to plan a route. Add a data connection in the form of a SIM card, USB 4G Dongle or even a Bluetooth connection to your phone. This can capture traffic information and then you get a fully featured Sat Nav in your android headunit.

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