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MT8768 Processor

8768 or MTK8768 is an MCU processing unit for running android made my MediaTek, a Taiwan based fabless chip company. A big player in processors for android based devices.

MT8163 Android Processor

The MT8163 V/A is an SoC processing chip found in Android Headunits. But is this processing system a good choice for an Android headunit? MT The...


MTK5760B or MTK 5760b processing SoC are found in the Android Headunits, but what is the MTK5760B? Your Android head unit needs to be fast...

MT8788 Processor

Higher-end Android Headunuts are built with faster processing MCU systems. The MT8788 (same as P60) and also called Mediatek MTK8788, is one of those...

PX5 Processor

The PX5 processor is notable for is design purpose. The PX5 was destined for the android headunits. Unlike the many processors used previously to power the head units that were designed for phones, this one is special. By only building in features that an android headunit would benefit from and excluding all the phone specific features savings can be made.

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