MTK5760B or MTK 5760b processing SoC are found in the Android Headunits, but what is the MTK5760B?

Your Android head unit needs to be fast and responsive, or the whole experience will be frustrating. Slow headunits don’t please users.

But is the MT5760b fast or slow, and how many cores does it have?


Another limiting specification of the Android Headunit speed is the amount of RAM, specifically the lack of RAM. A low amount of RAM will mean the Android will be slow to respond to swipes and taps on the screen. You will need a minimum of 4GB for a smooth experience with modern Android.


The other limiting specification of the Android experience is processor speed, particularly the number of processor cores. While adding more GHz only comes in very small steps with the newer processors, more cores provide bigger performance jumps. Having 6 or 8 modern cores makes a big step in improving the speed over the old 4-core machines.

Combining at least 4 GB RAM and 8 modern processing cores will make the Android experience much quicker than the old 8227L junk head units.

MTK 5760B


The MTK5760b has 8 modern processing cores (octa-core), making it a modern processor running at a main frequency of 2.5 GHz.

The 8 Cores are all of type Cortex-A53 based on the ARMv8-A (64-bit) architecture with a maximum turbo speed of 2.6 GHz.


MTK5760b is often offered with 4 GB RAM or 6 GB RAM. This indicates modern processing cores and a design set for the future.


But if the MTK5760b is a modern and well-specified chip, why is there so little information about the actual cores it uses? That is because the MTK5760b is an AutoChips AC8257 Octa-Core chip built onto an SoC with RAM and was given the MTK5750B name for marketing purposes.

Good Processor?

The AC8257 is a good processor; it has modern cores, can have a lot of RAM, and has a fast clock speed of 2.5 GHz. So you can expect the processing power of the MTK5760B to match that of the AC8257, which is capable of running modern versions of Android with current and future apps in a fun experience. The main problem of such fast clock speeds is heat generated by the 8 cores when running at full tilt. It is important to ensure you fit and use the fan if one is supplied, even as an option. Then, the fan must circulate the air sufficiently to cool the chips. This can be quite challenging to ensure proper cooling in the car dashboard.

More Information

See our AC8257 post for more information about the MTK5760B, which runs on the same AC8257 Octacore system.

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