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Launch an app automatically on startup of the Android Headunit

If you want an app to start automatically at each start of your android headunit without having to tap the icon each time, it is possible. You may be running 'Torque' app for ECU monitoring or a speed limiting and monitoring app that needs to run on each and every journey and you are getting frustrated at having to tap the icon and ok the messages before you can drive. Keeping an app active on your android headunit when it powers down is not possible, but starting it automatically is possible. We will show you how to do it.

OBD2 Diagnostics with an Android Headunit

Having an android OS running hardware box in your car means you can also connect to your vehicles OBD2 with it. The advantage of running the OBD2 app on your headunit is that it can run permanently and monitor the engine in real-time. You can check gas mileage, engine temperature, P code faults, open and closed loop O2 fault finding and much more.

The ‘must have’ apps for a new Android Headunit

Here is the guide to our top 10 apps for an android headunit. You may have some of these already or they may give you an idea of what apps are available to add to your android headunit to increase its functionality. Don't see this list as the only apps you need.  Your android headunit is personal to you and you can and should customise it to just the way you like it. Apps help you do this, most of them are free, or at least have free trials so you can try before you buy. The cost is usually small for basic apps like launchers and rise significantly for some SatNav options, with the notable exception of Google Maps and Waze being free.

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