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UIS8141 Processor

The UIS 8141 is a quad core processing chip based on the ARM technologies Cortex A7 cores. This design of core was first used in the technology of 2011 devices. When these cores are combined with a graphics core you get a SoC - system on a chip. The UIS8141 is a SoC.

RK3566 in an Android Headunit

Is the RK3566 a good processor (SoC) for an Android head unit? Is an Android headunit with the RK3566 Rockchip processor any good? What about the...


What is the MTK9216CH processing core found in the Android Headunits? All Android Headunits need a processing core - or, more specifically, cores - plural...

8227L Processor information

The 8227L has to be the highest selling and most installed SoC processor in an android headunit. From 2014 these quad-cores are still selling today. That's coming up to 10 years. How is it sill so popular?

MTK G50 Processor found in Android Headunits

The new name MTK G50 sounds like its a new processor. New processors are faster than the old generation of chips, just by the use of never fab technology and chip design. You could imagine that some would assume the MTK G50 is a new chip, with all that new chip goodness?

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