AllWinner T3 p1 Processor for android headunits

The Allwinner T3 processor is a Quad Core processor found in some of the much lower end android head unit. Targeted to run Android 4.4/6.0 system. Virtually identical to the Allwinner T3p3 the T3p1 are treated in performance terms as the same device.

T3 Processor Answers

No. The T3 processor is not considered a good processor for an android headunit. The T3 and T3p1 have a very limited processing power, not suited to an android headunit.

No. The T3 p1 is a slow processor. Not suited for running an android headunit.

Yes. The T3 and T3p1 are quadcore processors.

No. You can not add more RAM to an android headunit.

No. The T3p1 is only supplied with the maximum of 2Gb RAM

4 Cores

The AllWInner T3 has only 4 processing cores clocked at around 1.2Ghz

Based on the ARM Coretx A7 with a tiny 512Kb of L2 cache.

The four 32 bit cores of the T3 will run with a maximum of 2Gb RAM


The low end 4 core T3p1 processor was designed for integration into devices like a satnav. Not really cut out for running an android headunit these old 4 cores are struggling to provide the headunits with enough processing power. Coupled with the limiting 32 bit architecture the maximum RAM the T3 can use is a low 2Gb. This is a very limiting factor just by itself but with the low cores, low clock rate, 32 bit limits, this is one poor chip for an android headunit. Ideal for a SatNav.

AllWinner T3 processor block diagram

Allwinner T3 p1 Processor
The block diagram of the Allwinner T3 p1 confirms the limiting 32 bit memory access
A tiny 512Kb L2 cache and the ARM NEON SIMD co-processor won’t make up for the minimal 4 cores and low clock speed.


The GPU – Graphical Processing Unit integrated as part of the T3 SoC is the Mali 400MP2
The Mali400MP2 Supports OpenGL ES 2.0/OpenVG 1.1 standard.

Notable is the HDMI-OUT feature. Not that all boards will support HDMI-OUT, it is a useful modern feature that surpasses the CVBS_OUT. While CVBS_OUT is compatible with a lot of devices they are becoming more difficult to find. All new televisions and most new displays are HDMI compatible and having this feature is a bonus.

Supports double screen with different display – one android screen and something different on the HDMI display? Well the SoC has the capability for two different displays.


The most RAM the T3 can connect to is 2Gb.

Maximum DDR clock rate for the RAM is up to 580MHZ


The PIMC (Power Management IC) is a AXP221s. This is the clue that the Allwinner T3 is designed for hand held or battery operated devices, like SatNav. A true android headunit processor would not need to use silicon space on unwanted PMICs.

Hacked Android 7

Target version of android for the Allwinner T3 is Android 4.4/6.0

With the limiting resources the T3 p1 SoC can provide the android environment, some features will need to be dropped. It is probably running a hacked about version of android 6 or a fake Android 7. Unfortunately it won’t be the full version of android 7,8, 9 or 10 because there is just not enough processing ability to perform it all.


QuadCore by name and QuadCore by nature. Reminiscent of the 4 core 8227L_Demo that is still doing the rounds. Not enough RAM in the T3 headunits, coupled with not enough processing cores, all clocked at a very slow rate makes for a disappointing experience in a android headunit. Don’t let the HDMI output sway the decision. There are other, much better, more modern android headunits with HDMI out ports fitted.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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