What is the MTK9216CH processing core found in the Android Headunits?

All Android Headunits need a processing core – or, more specifically, cores – plural and RAM to run the Android apps and Android itself. The faster the processing side and at least a minimum of 4 GB RAM will make the Android operation smooth and quick to react to taps and swipes.

Poor processing cores that are slow by modern standards or insufficient RAM for modern apps, typically 4 GB, will offer a slow, frustrating, and disappointing Android experience.

Android Headunit Tip

While running an Android headunit with 4 GB RAM is a minimum for smooth performanance nearly all the Apps you run are designed for phones. The Latest generation of phome specification is for 6 GB RAM, so expect future Apps to take advantage of the greater availability of RAM. Furtre Proofing means to ensure you have enough specificayin to not only run the apps of today, but the apps of three to four years in th future.

MTK9216CH Performanance

The MTK 9216CH is aimed at the Android headunit and is found in models with only 1 GB RAM or 2 GB RAM. This is your red flag for a warning; even if you know nothing of the processing capabilities of the 9216CH, you can be assured that 1 GB RAM and even doubling that to 2 GB RAM is far too little RAM for modern apps to run well. The limited RAM the MT 9216CH can use is one of its biggest performance-limiting factors.

The other limiting factor of the MTK 9216CH is this chip’s number of processing cores. A lowly 4 cores are the bare minimum to run Android, old Android. These 4 cores are further limited by their slow clock speed of 1.8GHz. Modren cores will be running at 2.2 GHz or more, and there will be 6 to 8 much more advanced core designs, giving a huge jump in performance.

Why so slow?

The MTK9216CH is slow because it is based on old technology from around 2014. The MTK 9216CH is a version of the very common Quad-core AC8227L chip. It’s an 8227L in disguise with the same RAM, core, and performance limitations as the early 8227L chips.


Four cores running at 1.8 GHz (maximum} using the 32-bit Cortex-A7 system.


A maximum of 2 GB RAM is all the MTK9216CH can use.


Be wary of the advertising that seems to indicate the MTK9216CH can be fitted with 4 GB RAM or 6 GB RAM; this is incorrect and a way to make these headunits look like good value for money with modern specifications. But they are limited to a maximum of 2GB RAM and run a very limited number of cores very slowly.

See Also

See also the 8227L posts because, unfortunately, the MTK9216CH is just an 8227L chip in a different package.

Is the MTK921CH a fast processor for an Android Headunit?

No, the MTK921CH is considered a slow processor with limited RAM and a low processing core count.

Is the MTK921CH a Octacore?

No the MTK921CH is a Quad-core

How much RAM does the MTK921CH have?

The MTK921CH can only be fitted with a maximum usable RAM of 2GB.

Is the MTK921CH a modern processor?

No, the MTK9216CH design is based on the cores from the year 2014

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