Add Renault logo to an android headunit screen

This is the third article in the series of topics on how to add a specific manufacturer logo to the android headunit screen. In this topic we will be using the Renault logo for the android headunit screen. The process is almost identical for the other manufacturers and there are many different vehicle manufacturers available. If your logo is not shown here, try the app and search for the latest logo additions.

Renault Diamond

Adding the Renault Logo to an android headunit and customising the colours to match the vehicle dashboard and interior is very easy to do, yet it is also very effective. It really makes your headunit display feel well integrated with your vehicle and different to the many others. The android screen customisations don’t stop at colour and logo, because there is a selection of different backgrounds and colour highlights to chose from.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To add the Renault Logo on the android headunit;

  1. Firstly check you can sign into the play store

    Use the email and password for your headunit google account

  2. Visit play store by app or web and install the launcher

    The one you can use for this how-to is ‘AGAMA Car Launcher‘.

  3. Wait for Agama to download and install, then tap the icon

    A new icon will appear after install and tap this to open agama

  4. ‘Click the gear wheel’

    To enter the setting screen required to make the modifications

  5. Select ‘Your car’, select ‘Renault’.

    We are using Renault in this how-to, hopefully that is the manufacturer logo you want.

  6. Click ‘Design, Theme Editor’

    Use the sliders to select the colour and hue you prefer for your new android screen.


    This will allow you to select the background texture an its colour filter to further personalise the screen.

  8. Tap OK

    OK to accept your choices

  9. Tap Apply

    To apply the new theme you have created to the android headunit screen.

Job Done

Enjoy your new Renault logo on the android headunit screen. Adding a new launcher won’t remove your existing launcher, so if you decide AGAMA is not for you, or you want to try a different one, just install the new one and select which one you want as the default launcher. It is acceptable to have several different launchers install at the same time and switch between them to find the right one for you.

Some examples

A small selection of what Agama can do. With its easy to customise screen and simple car logo placement you can have the logo on your android head unit. Renault logo on an Android Headunit Blue smoke Renault logo on android head unit Grey smoke Android head unit with Renault logo Grey weave Renault logo on android head unit with green flowers Green flowers Renault logo on android headunit screen with burnt orange accents

Orange theme with Renault logo

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