DAB Radio addon for Android Headunits

DAB – Digital Audio Broadcasting is available to the Android Headunits as an addon USB device. The DAB+ USB connects to a free USB port and the aerial can be either screen mounted or roof mounted. Better reception can be obtained with a roof mount, over the windscreen mount. If you want to enjoy DAB+ Radio to its full, get the roof mounted aerial.

Which is the best DAB USB adaptor to get?

There are many, perfectly good generic USB DAB adaptors designed for use on android headunits, but we like this one on Amazon.

How do I use the DAB adaptor?

DAB Station selection and tuning is controlled by an app on the headunit. There is always a DAB app installed on the android headunit at the factory, but there is a very popular replacement for the manufacturer supplied app called DAB-Z on the playstore. Just tap the app and start scanning for stations. If your aerial is connected then you will get DAB in the countries that have the signal available.

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