Spotting the future fakes

The preview of Googles full Android 11 specification shows that it won’t be permitted to run on devices with less than 2Gb RAM. This means that if the android headunit has less than 2Gb RAM then it probably can’t be running a full version of Android 11.

What is fake?

Decisions, decisions. The fakes with 1GB RAM that advertise android 11 will have to hide the fact it is not android 11. They could hide the fact there is not enough RAM to run android 11. But two lies are needed to cover up the minimal RAM and the old OS tweaked to look like a new one. Android 6 is often faked to android 10, but android 8.1go is also faked as android 10.

Why is this important?

It is important to get what you pay for. Not only do the fakes leave a bad taste in your mouth, they are not up to running the newer or yet to be baked, apps. With google pushing their operating system minimum specification to 2Gb RAM, it is a sign that apps will be written to that minimum spec. This can leave your new android headunit, dead and unusable before it should be.

But everything is still working

Yes, nothing has changed, yet. You won’t be updating your fake android headunit to Android 11 anyway. But this is all about the future, tomorrows apps, next years apps. For example, Google maps will be keeping up with the minimum android specifications. Then you may find that the future versions of google maps may just not be compatible with the 1Gb android headunits.

The future of the fakes

The obsolete quacdore, 1Gb android headunits won’t go away. People still buy them so the factories still make them. Android 11 will have a cut down, limited version that doesn’t have all the features and this is what you will see on the fakes. ‘Android 11go’ disguised as Android 11 but squeezed into 1Gb RAM for a bit of profit and a few dollars saved.

Avoid the fakes

Avoid the fakes and get better value for money with a headunit that can run all the apps, even apps that haven’t been written yet. A PX30, PX5 and PX6 type of modern processor with at least 4Gb of RAM inside can run the latest apps. There is no need to fake the android version with current hardware. No need to be running a limited android 8.1go when the full Google OS is available with all its nice features available to you. Avoid the fakes to get the best experience from your android headunit.

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