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The AC8259 Processor

The MTK AC8259 processor is an overclocked version of the AC8257 chip. A minor change deserves a slightly different chip name. OCTA CORE 2MTK Cortex A75 (2.0 GHz) + 6MTK Cortex A55 (1.8GHz)

MediaTek MT8667 Processor

The MT8667 is a modern 64 bit Octa-core processor, with a modern instruction set and access to large amounts of RAM suitable for current and future android versions and driver expectations.

RK3566 in an Android Headunit

Is the RK3566 a good processor (SoC) for an Android head unit? Is an Android headunit with the RK3566 Rockchip processor any good? What about the...

UIS8581 Processor

The UIS8581E 8 core processor shares a striking resemblance to the UNISOC SC9863. The two processors share the same ARM Cortex A55 cores, clocked at the same 1.2GHz/1.6GHz.

UNISOC SC9863 Android Headunit Processor

The SC9863 is yet another middle of the road phone processor that has made it's way into the android head units. These mid range phone chips are used in the higher end android headunits.

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