7023B Android Head unit?

7023B is a generic MP5 player that can have any number of different brands. The Podofo 7023B is a current model but it is the numbers (7203) that identify this head unit.

The 7023B sales pitch boasts all sorts of useful features like a reversing or backing up camera, steering wheel control support, FM radio and various USB and TF slots.


You can pick up the 7023B very cheaply, too cheap from around $20 from the country of manufacture. You get a remote control thrown in, a paper manual but there are only very basic ISO leads that will need a lot of work.


The 7023B head unit is based on the windows C200S chipset. This is not an android chipset.

Not Android

Despite all the hints that this could be running android for its operating system, it does not. The C200S is a windows CE (WINCE) chipset and the 7023B runs windows CE. The problem with wince is that it is effectively a dead OS. No updates, no new apps, no longer supported my microsoft.

Run Android?

The wince 7023B headunit will never be able to run android. There is not enough RAM or clock cycles to run android. This is firmly a windows CE only device. It is limited to running WINCE apps, no android apps will ever run on it.


The 7023B is a car MP5 player than runs only windows ce programs. It can mirror android phone screens, but it is just being a dumb screen when used as a mirror. There is an FM radio and it can connect to a reversing camera. But it can not be compared to an android headunit because they are two very different devices.

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