Bluetooth to car radio

Instructions for getting your phone to Bluetooth to your car radio.

Have you ever wished you could easily connect your phone to your car’s audio system without dealing with tangled wires or complicated setups? Well, fear not because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll dive into the exciting world of Bluetooth adapters and explore various options to bring the magic of wireless connectivity to your beloved car radio. So buckle up and get ready for a fun ride!

Option 1: Bluetooth to Aux Adapter – Your Car Radio’s New Best Friend!

Imagine a tiny device that can transform your car radio into a Bluetooth powerhouse. Enter the Bluetooth to Aux Adapter! This little gem works wonders if your car stereo has an auxiliary socket. Plug the adapter into the aux input, and its internal battery or USB will power it up. With this setup, you can effortlessly connect your phone to the stereo via Bluetooth. Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to wireless freedom!

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But wait, there’s more! The Bluetooth to Aux Adapter is not just practical; it’s also super versatile. Connect Bluetooth devices like tablets or music players to your car radio. So, this adapter has got your back, whether you’re a fan of rocking out to your favorite tunes or indulging in an audiobook on a long road trip.


Pairing the Bluetooth on the Aux adaptor is simple, and you will only need to do this once for each phone or tablet you want to connect. Put the AUX adaptor into pairing mode – often the blue flashing light mode and search for the adaptor name on your phone and connect to it.

Thoughts on Bluetooth to Aux Adapter

The first problem is not working the AUX socket on your car stereo. The Bluetooth to Aux Adapter needs a working AUC socket to function.

Powering will be your second biggest problem. Can you remember to charge the Bluetooth? Do you have a way to charge the battery on the car, or will you need to remember to remove it to charge it, then take it off charge and plug it back into the AUX? Some of the AUX adaptors are powered by a USB socket, but do you have a free and available USB socket in the car that isn’t charging your phone?

Option 2: Bluetooth to FM Adapter – Unleash the Power of Wireless Anywhere!

Now, let’s turn up the excitement with Bluetooth to FM Adapter. This nifty gadget brings together the worlds of FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity, opening up a world of possibilities. Powered by your car’s 12v power socket, this adapter boasts advantages over its aux counterpart.

Firstly, you don’t need an available aux socket on your stereo to make it work. Instead, the Bluetooth to FM Adapter taps into an unoccupied FM station on your car radio, turning it into a Bluetooth receiver. This means that any car stereo, regardless of its age or features, can instantly become Bluetooth-enabled. How cool is that?

Secondly, with the Bluetooth to FM Adapter, you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries. Its power source is in your car, making it a convenient and hassle-free solution. So, whether you’re cruising down the highway or stuck in traffic, you can count on this adapter to keep the beats flowing.

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But let’s dig deeper into the fascinating world of FM and Bluetooth. Did you know that FM radio stations operate in different frequency bands? Finding an available FM frequency for your adapter might be like searching for hidden treasures in areas with many radio stations. It’s all part of the adventure!

Find a clear FM.

You will need to switch off the automatic tuning to find a clear FM channel because the automatic tuning will always skip these clear slots in search of a station. To find a clear FM, try tuning the radio to the very low end of the FM or the very high end of the FM spectrum. If that fails, work through the FM band from the lowest as manual steps of 0.1Mhz to find an unoccupied FM space. You can then tune your FM adaptor to that clear FM channel you have found, and you fill that with your Bluetooth music. Luckily for everyone else, the very low power of your FM transmitter means it doesn’t leave your car. But other stations on the same FM band easily disrupt this low power. This is why you need to find a clear channel for the FM to Bluetooth adaptor to work effectively.

Thoughts on the FM Bluetooth adaptors

The FM adaptors usually plug into the 12v power socket, and you must dedicate one of those to the FM adaptor. Some designs have a pass-through and USB power feature, so plugging in the FM Bluetooth doesn’t mean you lose a socket. The FM adaptors are typically much larger than the FM adaptors, which can be considered, particularly for compact cars. This option is ideal if there is no AUX connection on the stereo, and this method of Bluetooth is compatible with every car stereo available because it uses the FM band.

Option 3: Enabling Bluetooth on the existing car radio

What if we told you your car stereo might already have Bluetooth capabilities? That’s right! It’s time to unlock the hidden potential of your trusty audio system. Many modern car radios have built-in Bluetooth functionality, just waiting to be set up.

Before embarking on this exciting journey, you might need to perform some phone-pairing housekeeping. Your stereo may only be able to pair with a certain number of devices, so you might need to unpair some previously connected phones to make room for the new one. Once that’s done, prepare to enter a world of seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

With a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo, you can enjoy hands-free calling, stream your favorite music apps, and even use voice commands to control your audio system. It’s like having your very own personal DJ on board!

Thoughts on Enabling Bluetooth on the existing car radio

You may have tried this option already; if not, it is the first thing to try as it doesn’t need any additional gadgets to work, but you need to be patient and grapple with the onboard stereos Bluetooth connectivity menus.

Option 4: Upgrade Your Car Stereo – The Bluetooth Revolution!

It may be time to change your existing car stereo to one that has Bluetooth already as an option. If your current car stereo is missing the Bluetooth option, it can be an easy upgrade for the single DIN units. They are often plug-and-play with the correct adaptor. Bluetooth-enabled car stereos are available for all budgets but not all cars. This may not be an option for everyone because not all cars will accept a single DIN Bluetooth radio.

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Thoughts on Purchasing a new car stereo with Bluetooth

The cost of additional adaptors can be high, particularly when the original stereo would control functions of the car like setting the clock or having steering wheel controls. Preserving these features with a new stereo with Bluetooth can require an expensive additional kit and is the most involved to install. Many would choose to have the new stereo installed professionally, which isn’t required for the FM and AUX adaptors.

Option 5: Upgrade to an Android Headunit

All of the Android headunits have Bluetooth built in. Bluetooth is one of the core features of Android car stereos. You will also get WiFi, GPS, a backup camera, and a large touch screen with every Android Headunit.


AUX Adaptor

The AUX adaptor is battery-powered and requires a car stereo to have a working aux socket. The need to recharge may be offputting, but with modern rechargeable batteries and low-power transmitters, a run time of almost 24 hours between charges can be achieved. Some are built into a USB plug that can take power from the car USB.

The Aux to Bluetooth is the cheapest option for Bluetooth to the car radio and is often a first choice for people. The charging and battery problems are when they get upgraded to a permanent power option like the FM Adaptors. Because the Bluetooth plugs directly into the aux socket, there is no interference from FM radio stations,

FM Adaptor

To get the best sound quality, the FM adaptors will need a clear FM frequency in the FM band for your whole journey. It has been known to have a clear band at home, but crossing into another area causes the FM band to become congested, and the music quality is affected by interference from commercial stations on the FM band. The FM adaptors are slightly more expensive than the FM adaptors and don’t rely on an internal battery.

People often turn to the FM transmitter because it has permanent power. Still, the inability to find a consistent, clear FM station in cities has led to people upgrading their stereos to ones with built-in Bluetooth.

House-Keeping Existing Stereo

Housekeeping your existing stereo should cost you no money, but it may take some time to navigate the car menus to find the existing Bluetooth pairings. The options can be hidden deep in the screens and are not user-friendly. It can take a long time to work your way through and still not have Bluetooth pairing with the car radio working. Sometimes, the Bluetooth function is broken, and you must use a different option.

People attempt to use the built-in Bluetooth feature for their car stereo because it has already been paid for. There are no additional costs, but when Bluetooth fails to function, any of the other Bluetooth options are sought.

New Stereo

Replacing the car stereo to get Bluetooth working is the most involved and expensive option. However, the very cheap car stereos with Bluetooth are not much more expensive than the better FM or AUX adaptors. The new stereos have Bluetooth built in. No external adaptors are required, and the look is much neater and more professional, but the installation time is the longest. Additional adaptors may be required if your existing stereo is not plug-compatible with the new stereo; these are at an additional cost. A new car stereo has the widest range of price options from low-end single DIN car stereos with Bluetooth from under $30 to the well-designed and fully featured high-quality touch screen Bluetooth enabled car stereo for over $300

People tend to move to the new stereo area when they have exhausted the add-on options of FM or AUX input options for Bluetooth. The new stereo doesn’t require any external adaptors for Bluetooth, which can free up USB ports or power sockets in the car. The more expensive units can sound better and offer more functions than the original stereo.

Android Headunit

People will purchase an Android headunit when they want more than Bluetooth from their car stereo. These upgrades offer GPS, Google Maps, WiFi, Bluetooth, a backup camera, music apps like Spotify and Amazon Music, and more than just a phone mirror. Android headunits are the most expensive upgrades and take the most time to install, but they offer more features than any of the options above.


So, whether you opt for a Bluetooth to Aux Adapter, a Bluetooth to FM Adapter, or decide to upgrade your car stereo, adding Bluetooth capabilities to your car radio is a game-changer. Say goodbye to tangled wires, embrace wireless freedom, and embark on a journey filled with endless entertainment possibilities. Happy cruising!

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