CarWebGuru Launcher for Android

Your Android Headunit came with a launcher you may not have even noticed. The launcher is the home screen, wallpaper, and buttons on the Android headunit screen that allows you to see the speed, change volume, select tracks and start the GPS mapping.

Android Headunit Tip

It is easy to revert to factory home screen or have several launchers installed and to switch between them to find the one that suits you best.

CarWebGuru Launcher is available on the play store to replace your factory-installed launcher with something much better.


CarWebGuru has many features that allow you to tweak it almost indefinitely to get it just how you like it. But it also gives you some ready-made launcher screens that are ready to go or changed to add your desired options.

Manufacturer Logo

A popular modification is adding the vehicle manufacturer, model, and logo to the home screen, which are available in CarWebGuru Launcher to add to the screen. Still, you don’t have to stop there.

The instructions for adding a car logo graphic with CarWebGuru to the home screen are here.


The many features and tweaks available with CarWebGuru Launcher can make it quite difficult to find the adjustment you want. Design and widget menus can be difficult to navigate because of many choices. If you are not finding as many as you thought there could be, try swiping up or across the screen to reveal more.


The app is free, and in-app purchases are available to modify the launcher further so that you can try it almost indefinitely.

CarWebGuru Car Launcher for Android Headunits Review

CarWebGuru has a great selection of free, ready-made screens, while In-app purchases allow you to increase the number available. A high number of options, tweaks, and customizations can get it just how you want it, but finding the one you want in the menus can be challenging


  • Includes ‘BassBoost’ Effect
  • Increase the volume with speed.
  • Will orientate PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE
  • Nice looking pre-made screens ready to go
  • Lots of vehicle manufacturer logs are pre-installed
  • Custom wallpaper from the gallery is available
  • Rear camera input as wallpaper


  • The menus locations that a bit of finding, don’t give up looking for what you want; it is probably there


  • Customizations: 5/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 2/5
  • Ease of installation: 5/5

CarWebGuru Lanucher on PlayStore
Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
I am an Android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in-car entertainment installation, upgrade and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to their android headunit to try a different car launcher :)

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