USB debugging mode on Android Head Unit

You may be prompted to enable USB debugging mode on your Android car stereo at time.

But is USB debugging mode safe to enable?
How do I enable USB debugging on the Android Head unit?
Why is USB debugging option missing from android?

USB Debugging

USB is an android feature that allows a greater level of access to the android system over the USB lead. The USB lead is often just used for charging a phone, but the android system can be controlled over a USB connection.

Allow USB debugging

USB debugging is intended for development purposes only. Use it to copy data between your computer and your device, install apps on your device without notification and read log data.

Developer options

USB Debugging mode is hidden in the android developer options.

You need to enable the developer options before USB debugging mode can be seen in the menu.

To enable the developer options:

  • Open settings app
  • Find ‘about phone, about pad or about device’
  • Tap ‘about phone, pad or device’
  • Scroll to ‘Build Number’
  • Tap ‘Build Number’ option seven times
  • ‘You are now x steps away from becoming a developer’ changes to ‘You are now a developer’

You have now enable developer mode and some of the hidden options are now visible in the menus. USB debugging mode is one of those options. Go ‘back’ in the menu.

To enable USB debugging:

From the settings menu, tap ‘System’
Scroll down to ‘Advanced’ and tap to open
{} Developer options is now available,
tap Developer options.
Scroll down to USB Debugging and enable the slider
Allow USB debugging? Select ‘OK’

You have now enabled USB debugging mode on your android head unit.

USB debug

With USB debugging mode enabled on your android head unit you are giving the device at the other end of the USB cord some special powers. These powers allow the device to install apps, which may be the reason that USB debugging mode is required. Hopefully now you have managed to get the USB working with debugging mode on.

No need, you are already a developer

If you receive the message ‘No need, you are already a developer’ during the 7 tap process, don’t worry. This only indicates that developer mode has already been enabled and further enabling is not requited. Move straight on to the second section ‘To enable USB debugging’ section to complete the USB debugging mode.

Disable USB debugging mode

USB Debugging switch

In Developer options menu slide the USB debugging switch to the left

Disable Developer options

Developer mode switch on android head unit

In Developer options menu slide the highlighted ‘On’ switch to ‘Off’

Allow development settings alternative message

Allow development settings?

These settings are intended for development use only. They can cause your device and the applications on it to break or misbehave.

Password protected

If you come up against the password protected area and don’t know the developer password, try our list.

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Android HeadUnit
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