Graphic Equaliser when playing videos on an Android Headunit?

If you use your android headunit in a van, you may watch more videos that some. Your android headunit can become an entertainment. This is used to play videos and output those video to a bigger screen and play the sound through an amplifier. Ideal for a movie night.


Sometimes the movies need a bit of sound equalisation. Maybe some more bass or maybe even a bit less. If you don’t have a DSP fitted, then you may not have a facility to use a pre-installed graphic equilizer. Or it could be your current EQ App won’t be active during video play back, a strange behaviour, but common in some EQ apps.

Video EQ

A solution to accessing a graphic equalizer while watching a video on your android headunit can be found by installing VLC for android. This app is from the same team that brought you the very popular, open source VLC Media Player. Get a copy of VLC for Android from the play store.

Install and grant permissions

Now may be a good time to plug in the USB memory stick that contains the films. This way the app can index them as it installs.

Follow the install wizard and grant the permissions. When the app is first installed it will search the drives for video files. These are then added to the library for quick access in the video player.

Find the Equalizer

To access the Graphic Equlizer in VLC for Android:

  • Firstly play your video,
  • Then tap on the screen to reveal a menu bar with three dots …
  • Tap the 3 dot menu to bring up the list, on that list is Equlaizer.
  • Select the Equalizer, ensure the slider is ‘enabled’
  • Make your equalisation adjustments for the playing video
  • Tap the back button or press save, then back.

You now have a graphic equaliser on your android head unit while playing videos.

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