Imagination PowerVR GE8320 vs ARM Mali-G52

Why GE8320 vs Mali-G52 and which is better?


The GE8320 and Mali-G52 are graphics processing cores found in the android head units. Often referred to as GPU. They are built into the chip silicon and provide the dedicated 2D and 3D processing that android apps need. There are other GPUs available in the chips that run the android headunits, but the G52 vs GE8320 is helpful in the MT8667 specifications.

PowerVR GE8320

PowerVR GE8320 by Imagination Technologies was designed in 2014 as an integrated graphics core for ARM based processors. It is a mid range GPU found in mobile mobile phones.

ARM Mali-G52

The Mali-G52 by Arm technologies was released in 2020 as an improvement over their previous G51 model of GPU.


The Mali-G52 is a much newer design graphics core over the GE8320 and this shows in the benchmarks. The newer design of the G52 is many times faster at the graphics processing than the older GE8320

G52 has newer features but comes at a greater cost than the GE8320.

Which is better for an android headunit, android car player or generally any android based car entertainment system, be it a double DIN or custom fit? The answer may come as a surprise, but the cheaper and slower GE8320 PowerVR design is often integrated to even the high end SoC chips for head units. You can find the quicker Mali-G52 in the mobile phones. The reasoning for this is because phones are judged, by some for their game playing ability. The phones need smooth candies falling and high frame rate 3D explosions. These features need a good, powerful and more expensive GPU to achieve the expectations of the generations that play games on their phones.

Android Headunits are not (usually) used to play games. Of course they have a screen, play video, zoom and swipe. But that is not very taxing for even the 2014 design by Imagination Technologies for their PowerVR GE8320. The reduced cost of utilising the older GPU core in a massive production run makes a lot of financial sense, particularly when most of the head unit sales are based on cost comparison.


Not a workhorse or very powerful, the PowerVR GE8320 is chosen as the best fit for its expected use and helps to keep the production costs down.

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