In car display changed to Chinese

Your new custom fit android headunit went in without a hitch. You have it all up and working, but there is one odd thing! – The wrong language on the car display.

The in-car display is now in Chinese.

It is known to happen to some Vauxhall and Chevrolet models, but there may be any number of manufacturers affected by this strange change to the language setting of the car display. Just the installation of the android head unit can trigger this strange behaviour. Unfortunately navigating the Chinese menu is virtually impossible.


Your new custom fit android headunit comes with a CAN BUS BOX that is programmed to communicate with the particular model of car it was destined for. The communication link that the CAN BUS box makes with the car onboard computer network brings a lot of information from the car into your android headunit. The headunit can also communicate to the car over the CAN BUS via the BOX and any form of misconfiguration can affect the car.


It is this misconfiguration of the settings in the android headunit that are sent over the CAN BUS to the car onboard computer that sets the display to the wrong language. The default language is Chinese and this is what you get on the in-car screen. Even if the android headunit is showing English, a second, hidden menu is misconfigured for the CAN BUS.

Fix the Language

It is a relatively simple fix, if you know where to look.

The CAN BUS configuration is the place to search for the language selection.

Try looking in:

  • Car Info
  • Original Car Set
  • Language Settings
  • Change from Chinese to English


These setting may be blocked by a PIN CODE. In the first instance try the code: 126

If the code above is not accepted, and you don’t know the correct code for your android advanced features pass. You can use our Android Headunit Passcode list that can help you access the hidden secret, yet necessary menus.


Chinese language in-car display fix
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