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Should I get a universal double din or a custom fit android headunit?

Older vehicles often have a single or double din mounting and the Pumpkin of choice is often fitted to these vehicles as the best choice for a universal android headunit

What is a Double DIN android Head Unit?

We are often asked some of the basic questions related to android headunits and we are very happy to answer them. A common question is 'what is a Double DIN android head unit?' We will answer this question and hopefully the answer will help you when making an android headunit purchase.

The most liked 7″ universal Android headunit?

In this article we will look at one of the most well liked universal fit, double din android headunits available. A universal fit is just that, not specific for a particular vehicle and ideally suited to older cars and vans that have a double din mounting. It is supplied with the common generic ISO connectors, ideal for connecting adaptors for vehicle specific applications available to make the install much more plug and play.

Something a little different?

the minimum RAM requirement of 4Gb and the need for a 'fast processor', all good so far, no one wants a slow android headunit! But the most noted feature request was a portrait mode, 12" screen.

Replace Vivaro radio with Pumpkin Android Headunit

Aftermarket parts are available to convert the space in the Vivaro/Primastar/Trafic2 to a double din with a hole for the clock/display. This leaves an ideal space to fit a 7" screen 2 DIN android headunit like well received and super quick booting pumpkin.

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