The Double DIN with Android Auto

The double DIN android head unit is a classic size. The DIN refers to the size and is double two single DIN sizes, one on top of the other.

Android Auto is a system to allows an Android phone to ‘stream’ its screen onto an in-car display, typically an Android headunit, sometimes a double DIN Android headunit.

Double DIN

The double DIN stereo can be described as a classic size. All the older model cars had either a space for a single DIN, and some even had space for a double DIN stereo. There may be a space for a stereo as the car comes out of the factory. This gave the first purchaser the choice of stereo to fit, if at all. A double DIN space meant a single (effectively the space for two single DIN radios), or a double DIN could be fitted. Some would have a single DIN car stereo and a single DIN CD multi-changer to take up the space of a double DIN.

Android Auto

Android Auto is great if you have an Android phone. The Android auto will live stream the Android display to your in-car screen. This means your phone can stay in your pocket, or different car users can connect their phones as they drive. This is a huge advantage if there are multiple possible drivers as each can Android auto their phone to use their mapping software preferences. It is just like your phone but more significant from the driver’s view.

Android Auto and Double DIN

If you are only interested in Android Auto for the double DIN, getting an expensive Android headunit won’t be necessary. The phone will do all the heavy lifting; it has the processor, the RAM, the apps, and 4G (mobile internet). The double DIN only needs to have a screen and run Android Auto.

There are many well-priced Android auto Double DIN units available. They all need a degree of installation, and most of the work would depend on whether it is a custom or universal fit. Typically, all the Double DIN car players are universal fitting. This is due to the nature of car manufacturers over the years to phase out universal car radio fitting and only build in custom units.


You can find the Double DIN car players with Android Auto options on Aliexpress. A lower-end unit will suffice, but the key is to specify the Android Auto option when choosing a Double DIN. Adding the option after purchase may work, but compatibility issues can exist. Buy the double DIN and add the optional Android Auto to the basket in the same transaction.

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