Fastest Android Headunit Processor: UIS7862

Move over PX6, you have served us well with your impressive hexacore system accessing a very useful 4Gb of RAM, but we have a new winner ????: UIS7862

UIS7862 Answers

Yes. The UIS7862 is a very fast processor, ideal choice for an android headunit.

Yes. The UIS7862 is considered to be a fast android headunit processor.

No. the UIS7862 processor has 8 ARM cores. It is a octacore processor.

What’s in a name?

The unimaginatively named UIS7862 is the latest and greatest processor used in a large majority of the fastest android headunits. Having 8 high speed cores and access to an impressive 6Gb of RAM will keep the headunits operating smoothly with anything you can throw at it.

PX6 vs UIS7862

While the PX6 is still a ‘high end’ processor compared with other previous generations of processors used in headunits the UIS7862 is quicker and is able to access more RAM. Having a faster headunit is nice to use, less frustrating when switching between apps and will have the extra needed for the future apps, yet to be written.
This makes the headunit experience much like the phone of today and less like that of a few years ago.

The UMS512 vs UIS7862

The UniSoc UMS512 is based on the same 8 cores as the UIS7862. The Two ARM A75 and Six ARM A55 cores give the Octacore configuration and is identical to the UIS7862. It has the same specifications as the UIS7862 and benchmark at very similar speed.

Should you upgrade?

If you like the very latest tech, then yes. If you have the PX5 pumpkin or one of the many PX6 universals, then if you are happy with what you have, stick with them. There is plenty of life in the PX5 and PX6.

The UIS chip will be upgraded or surpassed in the future and that may be a better time to upgrade.

If you are running an 8227L DEMO 1Gb or 2Gb headunit, now is the time to upgrade! The new UIS7862 processor is a world away from 8227L_ALPS chips. Anyone will notice the difference between 8227L and UIS7862 straight away.

There are universals and custom fit androids that feature the new UIS7862 chip, take look at them here on Ali Express.

6Gb RAM and 128Gb ROM

The new UIS7862 chip is often coupled to a generous 6Gb of RAM. This extra RAM is always useful for future proofing. You can never have too much RAM. Android is quite RAM hungry but the extra ROM doesn’t have much impact. Most users will not use even 64Gb ROM so doubling to 128Gb ROM is not a great improvement, even if it makes the figures look better.

Optical Out

A common extra found on the UIS7862 chip powered headunits is the ‘Optical out’ feature. The audio output for an external amplifier by coax and optical helps to increase the compatibility for the universal fit android headunits. If you need this feature, it is available as standard on many of the faster headunits.


Faster is always nicer to use. More RAM is always better for android to provide a smooth experience. If you are looking for an upgrade to your existing android headunit or in the market for your first, picking one with 6Gb RAM and the quick UIS7862 octacore processor won’t disappoint.

Hopefully the unimaginative name that hardly trips off the tongue won’t hold back what everyone has been waiting for: faster and more capable android headunits.

Technical Info UIS7862

UIS7862 is a 64 Bit microprocessor that has 8 processing cores, clocked at 1.8Ghz each. The 8 cores are made up of: Two ARM Cortex A75 (3-wide decode, out-of-order, superscalar pipeline) and Six ARM Cortex A55 (2-wide decode, in-order, superscalar pipeline). The ARM A75 and A55 combination breaks away from the traditional big.little design and moves onto the next gen DynamIQ system for further speed improvements.

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