Single DIN car stereo with big screen

…that isn’t Android and is at the very budget end of the price spectrum…

This 5-inch-screen single DIN car stereo on Ali Express would be that. The cheapest way to discount electronics is to buy them from the country where they are manufactured. For these budget car stereos, this would be China.


What can this budget-friendly 5″ screen with its single DIN body do as a car stereo?

Well, the list of things it can do is quite surprising.

  • Touch Screen
  • Android Auto (wired)
  • Apple CarPlay (wired)
  • Mirror Link
  • FM Radio 87.5Mhz to 108Mhz
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Reversing Camera support (CAM_VIN)
  • Steering wheels control learning (KEY 1, KEY 2)
  • Seven-color button RGB lighting
  • USB multimedia playback
  • USB dedicated charging
  • External Microphone connection (Mic-In)
  • Video Out 1 (CVBS_OUT 1)
  • Video Out 2 (CVBS_OUT 2)
  • Video In 1 (CVBS_IN 1)
  • Left and Right channel RCA connectors (L_OUT and R_OUT)

The reversing camera input is great for connecting to the backup camera supplied as an optional extra or any aftermarket universal reversing cameras that also fit the Android headunits.

ISO Connection

The stereo has a standard ISO connection on the back that will accept any of the vehicle’s factory plugs that are also ISO standard. You can easily find adaptors that convert manufacturer-specific plugs to this stereo’s ISO standard. After sourcing the time-saving adaptor lead, you won’t need the flying leads.

What can’t it do?

This may be an unusual section in the android-headunits site, but it has to be said that this 5″ single DIN car stereo won’t do any Android features of its own. It would be best if you had an Android phone to run the Android apps via this stereo, and it can’t run any Android apps itself and can only mirror or stream via Android Auto. In the same way, carplay will show the iPhone apps on the 5″ screen, and it would help if you had a phone connected to it to use the Android or Apple iPhone apps.

What use is it?

It is a very cheap way to get a backup camera screen showing your phone’s apps built into a single DIN car stereo case. This could be your bargain if you don’t have high car audio expectations but want the features and massive connectivity it provides. Please remember it will never run an Android app, and the apps it does run can’t be added to or updated.


A cheap way to Android auto-wired or Apple carplay. With a hidden 5″ screen packed into a single DIN with easy ISO connectors. The backup camera can significantly affect the parking view from behind the car.

The headunit doesn’t run Android, so there are no Android Apps, but it does run the obsolete WinCE operating system, so there are no current apps or any updates.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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