Where to connect the AMP wire on an Android Headunit

Universal-fit Android headunits often have a blue and white wire labeled AMP or ANP, but what is this wire for?

Where to connect the AMP wire?
What is the ANP wire?
Do I need to connect the blue and white AMP wire for my Android headunit to work?
What is the Blue and White wire for?
My aftermarket Amplifier won’t power up with the headunit.

Universal Fit Android Headunit

Unlike the custom-fit Android headunits with factory-style connectors, ISO plugs are supplied with universal Android headunits for directly connecting to an older vehicle or to a manufacturer-specific adaptor cable. Some of the wires do not fit the adaptor. AMP wire, often Blue with a White tracer strip, is usually found on the ISO connector.

Universal ISO system

The ISO system deployed by the universal fit Android headunits gives high flexibility and reduces the need to cut and join wires. This is true for the main speaker and power connections, so these can be plug-and-play, but what is the AMP wire for, and do you need to connect it to anything?

The AMP wire

AMP is short for AMPLIFIER. You may have already guessed that it is for an amplifier. The AMP wire is often blue with a white stripe along its length, but check the label to be sure and use it to switch the amplifier on when the headunit boots. Your amplifier instructions will explain where to connect the amp wire to. Don’t draw very much current from AMP; it is to switch the AMP on and not to power it. If your amp can’t take the blue and white AMP wire, it is acceptable to use the AMP wire to power a relay. The relay can then power the AMP. This will protect the Android headunit from damage.

Don’t have an AMPLIFIER?

No external or aftermarket AMPLIFIER? No problem. Just insulate the AMP wire and tuck it out of the way behind the headunit. Don’t cut it off, and be aware that it must be insulated if not in use because it is live (12v).

AMP blue and white stripe wire on android Headunit

android Headunit Tip

Typos are common with Chinese instructions, and you can see ANP in place of AMP for an android headunit wire. They mean the same ANP=AMP=AMPLIFIER and are often blue with a white stripe

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