The P5130 Autoradio

The P5130 Car stereo makes a good sales pitch. Its single DIN mounting with single DIN fascia looks like the ideal android headunit we have been looking for.

Some P5130 stereo Questions being Answered in our FAQ below.

Is the P5130 a good android head unit?

No. The P5130 is not an android headunit, no android, no android apps.

Is the P5130 a single DIN?

Yes, the P5130 is a single din stereo.

Can I flash the P5130 autoradio to android 10

No. The P5130 does not have the hardware support for any android version.

Is the P5130 radio a quadcore?

No. The P5130 is not a Quadcore.

Impressive sales pitch

The P5130 boasts many features that stand out from the page.

  • Bluetooth for calls
  • ‘Quick’ charging front USB ports
  • Reversing camera input
  • 4.1″ Display
  • RGB front panel
  • SWC – steering wheel control features included
  • Video input connection
  • External microphone option
  • AUX in
  • 4x50w power
  • and even a sub output

Its 54mm by 182mm frame makes it an attractive proposition to those with just a single DIN space to fill and no room for a huge screen. The small 4.1″ color display fits perfectly in the single DIN space taken by the stereo. The screen looks clear and vibrant, the controls easily accessible. The physical volume control is a useful feature, even with SWC option for the passenger to make volume adjustments.

P5130 stereo

The P5130 autoradio is a generic design. You can find the same stereo with so many different brand names. Propositions from Ctzrzyt, BOOMBOOST, LUOAN AUTO PARTS, CUHAWUDBA, TOTMOX, Hikity, podofo and even GOFORJUMP all offer the P5130 autostereo. They are all the same headunit, just different prices.

Best features

The best feature of the P5130 stereo has to be its price. You can find them very cheaply from China. You can find the P5130 for the cheapest price here. With all these features and the very low price, it looks too good to be true.

Autoradio P5130 RGB features
The basic RGB features of the P5130 car stereo can make it look more integrated into your vehicle interior by more closely matching the car illumination color.

Worst features

The worst part of the P5130 has to be the lack of ISO connectors on the cables. This can make the installation very laborious and turns what could have been a plug and play into a much more involved chop and join job. For the sake of a few pennies one of the most time saving features of ISO plugs have been missed. You may be lucky if your car has the ISO plugs and these can connect straight into the rear of the stereo.

P5130 radio connections

Of all the sales pitch, glossy photos and great looking specifications there are some glaring omissions from the sales pages. These omissions are are not a mistake, they are not listed for a very good reason.

Not Android

The android version is not listed on the P5130 specifications because the P5130 does not run android. No android, no android apps. The reason that android headunits sell so well is because they can run android apps. Be under no misunderstanding, the P5130 won’t access the play store and won’t run android apps. The little green android man in the sales listing is just to trick you into making an assumption. The green android man is to let you know that the front USB ports will charge your phone.

No processor and No RAM. These two omissions are a good indicator that the autoradio won’t be running android.

MP5 Player

MP5 Player is the red flag. If you are looking for an android headunit and see the MP5 player red flag, tap elsewhere. You won’t often see an Android powered MP5 player, they don’t make them and it is just a sales trick.

Overall P5130

The P5130 looks great on paper. It may even do everything you want. But it is not an android, it won’t run android, it can’t ever run android. So if you are looking for a single DIN 4.1″ screen android headunit for your car, the P5130 is not what you are looking for.

If you just want a cheap radio then the P5130 does fill that spot. It has FM radio, backup camera support, plays MP3 files and can charge your phone, you could consider it. The long term reviews of the cheap autoradios are poor. Cheaply produced, from cheap components gives the customer a cheap product. It’s not designed to last, just designed to sell. The P5130 stereo is in the same category. It looks nice, but there is no warranty or expectation of longevity. It is cheap and cheerful and will not run android apps.

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