CAN BUS BOX Wiring Guide

The CAN-BUS box should have the correct connectors for the vehicle you purchased the Android headunit for. This means you can plug and play without knowing which car wire needs to be connected to which pin on the CAN-BUS box.

Wiring Guide

You could be here because there are no factory-fitted plugs to your CAN BUS BOX, and you need some help to wire it into your vehicle. This could be a custom job or Heath Robinson Frankenstein’s monster job of mixing and matching parts. It is not an ideal situation when nearly every vehicle has factory-fit connectors on the specific CAN BUS boxes available. Unfortunately, most of the CAN BUS BOXES do not have a standard color scheme because nothing about them is standard. But a small number of them are available and have some standard colors.

CAN BUS BOX wiring guide


One set of inputs to the CAN BUS BOX is 12v power and a GND connection, which powers the box so it can process.

The other inputs to the CAN BUS BOX are CAN HIGH and CAN LOW, often called CAN+ and CAN- or CAN High and CAN GND. They are all the same thing; these two CANBUS cables carry vehicle information around the car to each ECUs. Wiring the CAN BUS BOX into the car allows the BOX to convert the digital CAN BUS information into the old style 12v signals that your Android Headunot needs to perform some of its functions.


CAN BUS BOX outputs can include:

The outputs are 12v signals that the Android Heaunit needs to function. The Output is derived from the digital CAN BUS signal.

Enhanced CAN BUS BOXES can even connect the UART of the in-car multimedia system. These need vehicle-specific plugs, and there is no standard wiring for this.

Non-Standard Colors

Your biggest problem will be the non-standard colors on the CAN BUS BOX plug. This is because the CAN BUS system is not a universal standard; in most cases, it is very vehicle-specific. But this is not without good reason. The CAN-BUS boxes are programmed to a particular make of car or range of models and the specific model of Android headunit. There is no need for a standard for the CAN BUS system because it has not been designed to be universal; quite the opposite.

Can Bus wiring

This CAN-BUS BOX has inputs for CAN HIGH, CAN LOW, 12v, and GND.

The Outputs are

It has been programmed specifically for VW Golf, Jetta, Polo, and Passat and is suitable for use when the radios RCD510, RNS510, and RCN210 have been replaced with an Android headunit. The BOX will emulate the signals that the factory radio did. Note the use of (BLUE) for REVERSE backup camera activation, which is usually (PINK), a further demonstration that there is no standard wiring for the CAN-BUS boxes.

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