What Android Headunit do I have?

Or this could be titled ‘How to identify an android head unit?’

Inherited Hardware

It is not uncommon for a used vehicle to come already fitted with an android headunit by the previous owner. When OEM sound systems fail, their high cost of replacement often leads the buyer to look at alternatives. These alternatives often come out as an android head unit. The custom fit that rivals the OEM radio with extended features of a modern headunit swing the deal. Unfortunately, only the original purchaser knows what they bought.

Generic Looking Screens

Nearly all of the screens look identical, in fact they may even be all the same, from the same factory. What you see differently is the plastic surround, that matches the vehicle OEM radio space, perfectly. But it is the same old screen in a different bit of plastic.


Sometimes the theme of the android headunit can help give you an idea to the manufacturer. There are some common configurations that each big manufacturer sticks to. Unfortunately, if it is one of the many generic android headunits, the the theme will be a basic launcher. Further to compound the problem, the user can install a new launcher/theme. The previous owner may have installed any number of launchers making this method of identification useless.


It is the hardware – MCU, the RAM and the Processor that are the most important features of an android headunit and these key components can be used to identify the main features of an android headunit. It is enough to tell you how it should preform, how old the technology is, how much it could be worth and if it is due for an upgrade.


Two key pieces of the android headunit identification are the android version (True API level, not fake android version) and the MCU firmware (Custom built version, Kernel version or Build number). These can also, used with the information above give you an idea about what you actually have have installed.

Getting the hardware information

You can get the hardware information from a free app on the playstore. AIDA64 (playstore) is a free app that can give you the RAM, ROM, cores (processor cores) and android API level.

Software Information

You can find the software information – with exclusion of the android version in the settings – about section of the menus. It is important to ignore the android version as this is nearly always, faked. Incorrectly reported android version is common. Use the android API level to decode the android version in our API level post here.


Any mention of 8227L_Demo is a Quadcore, probably 1Gb RAM even if it reports 2Gb. See our ‘True RAM post‘ to get a better grip on the actual RAM fitted. Quadcores are very slow and are from the 2014 era, with only 4 processor cores they struggle with modern apps.

4Gb RAM is good, no matter which processor you have. (There are no 8227L_Demo with a real 4Gb). 6 or 8 processor cores are a good, modern level. You will see PX5, PX6 and other hexacore or octacore processors with 4Gb RAM.

6Gb or 8Gb RAM is unlikely to be found second hand, used in a used vehicle. Only because it is a modern standard, but never say never. With a 10 core, 8 core or 6 core processor and 6Gb or 8Gb RAM you have top machine in there. Hopefully the CAN-BUS is correctly configured and you are getting the full benefit.

Round Up – Identification

99.9% of you will have the 8227L_ALPS_Demo or 8227L_Demo. The reason for this is that most android headunits sold have been based around this 2014 technology. Mass production and the biggest range of custom fit – direct OEM stereo replacement with a very budget friendly price tag make the 8227L a popular choice. Particularly if you are selling the car and don’t have to actually use it yourself. Unfortunately you are left with a junk headunit can it won’t do anything like your phone can.

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