Best Android Headunit for a Ford Focus?

Focus with Manual Air Conditioning from 2006 to 2011

The Ford Focus MK2 has a centre console that includes the manual air con controls. The advantage of a centre console is that the custom fit android headunit is suitable for left hand drive and right hand drive alike. Android is a great choice for a replacement stereo for the Ford if you want tablet features linked to a stereo/FM/DAB radio.


A fast android headunit is important. In fact it is one of the most important features. A slow android will only become slower as it is filled up with app updates. There is also the perception of speed, as phones get quicker every 18 month upgrade, the android headunit doesn’t get this luxury and has to hold its own for many years. Fit the fastest and it will stay ahead of the slow ones and keep up with the latest apps.


The PX6 processor is the fastest available right now for an android headunit. Our recommended android headunit for the Focus has exactly that. Not only does it have the fastest processor it also has a very respectable 4Gb of RAM. While other, inferior replacement stereos for the popular ford may have only 1 or 2Gb, this will show to be too little for a smooth experience, quite quickly.

Custom fit

The custom fit android headunit path is the easiest way to upgrade the factory radio to run android apps. It comes with a clear 9″ display mounted in a silver plastic surround. This system makes for a very professional looking finish that integrates very well with the a/c controls.

Custom fit also has the CAN BUS adaptor for SWC. There is also the factory style connectors included to make the install more plug-and-play.


Not only is this android headunit very responsive, it has a number of additional features such as RGB and HDMI that isn’t found on every android headunit. It has all the usual features listed in the info box below, but with a CAN BUS adaptor included.

What’s missing?

There in no DSP fitted. The DSP allows for a fine tuning of the sounds. With this android headunit the sound adjustment is limited to volume and a classic Equaliser. This is enough or most people, but if you consider yourself a audiophile, you would be looking for one with a DSP included to give you that greater level of control.

Our Recommendation

If you want to need to replace the Ford stereo in a Focus Mk2 with manual air con controls (the 3 dials), then this is the one. With all the features you need and more, easy install and custom fit, you won’t be disappointed. Our only concern mentioned above is the lack of fine tuning of the sound by DSP. The basic EQ system is employed which serves its purpose.

Buy the Focus android on ALi

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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