The Cheapest 10″ Android Headunit?

Are you looking for a cheap, universal fit 10″ android headunit for your car or van?

The cheapest 10″ android headunits are available on shopping sites like Wish? and eBay for knock-down and very tempting prices. They look good value for money. The sales pitch list all the usual features like GPS SatNav mapping and routing, DAB+, TPMS, SWC and even 1080P HD. What is not to like?

Too good to be true?

Everything listed is true. Yes, it can do all the things listed above and more. Everyone is being honest. Even down to the explanation that its 1Gb RAM is actually only 0.75Gb of RAM and that is has a Quad Core processor.

Android Headunit RAM

RAM is the memory an android headunit needs to feel responsive and have a fluid interaction with the user. Not enough RAM and the experience will be frustratingly delayed, lacking response or stuttery. </p> <p>0.75Gb is actually around three quarters of one Gigabyte of RAM, technically it is just 768 Megabytes. </p> <p>To put this into context, modern android headunits have 4 Gigabytes, 6 Gigabytes and newer versions have 8Gb. Expect to see 12Gb headunits soon.

The problems start with 1Gb RAM (or 0.75Gb available), it is just far too little for current apps to work smoothly. Yes they will load, but they won’t run smoothly and this will be particularly noticeable if you are switching between apps. The cheap android headunits lag and feel sluggish. This is not what you want when driving.

The second problem is the quadcore processor. These are very limited and designed for hardware that has since been retired from use. It is just too slow of a processor to operate android apps smoothly and quickly. Underpowered is an understatement. They are unpleasant to use.

Apart from the RAM and the Processor

The costs are cut to the bone and to achieve this there is no DSP. The digital sound processor is not included. Compounded by a weak processor there is limited ability to do any DSP in software emulation. Even down to things like RGB, that’s missing too and you are stuck with white LEDs.

It can’t be all that bad, I just want a cheap android headunit.

There are no ISO connectors on this ever so cheap universal 10″ android headunit. This makes it much more of a chore to connect up. It is never a good idea to cut the vehicle connectors off, so you need to join in a compatible wiring connector block. This is very far from any ‘plug and play’ to the point it is just a pointless omission by the manufacturers of the cheap headunits. For pennies worth of connectors you are faced with an extra job and the need to buy an extra loom/connector block.

They can’t all be that bad?

You get what you pay for and sometimes even less with a fake.
They really won’t give you an enjoyable experience as your main android headunit that you want to use for GPS/Sat-Nav, reversing camera, DAB+ and streaming. There are much better, similar looking universal fit 10.1″ android headunits available that will amaze you.

This one is to be avoided, you can do much better.

[review_summary title=”Quick Review summary” summary=”Cheap as chips” positives=”Budget friendly price
large 10 inch screen
double DIN mounting included
reversing camera compatible” negatives=”additional adaptors will be required to install
no RGB
very slow processor
1Gb RAM or less
no external microphone option
no DSP”]
[rating title=”Speed” value=”1″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Value for money” value=”2″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Quality of construction” value=”4″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Ease of install” value=”1″ range=”5″]

Find the cheap ones on eBay

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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