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Are looking to upgrade your car stereo to android or replace a factory headunit that has failed?

You have come to the right place if you are interested in a replacement infotainment system that can run Google maps with free Sat-NavGPSDAB+ radioreversing cameraandroid auto ,OBD diagnosticsTPMS and more, all in the same car head unit. Maybe you are looking for a touch screen car stereo with GPS and bluetooth? The android head units can do that and we have information about which ones are worth looking at and which are the headunits to avoid. Have you heard about the Android auto car stereo and wanted to know if it can run android apps? Our site has information for you about the Android head units for in-car entertainment including; specifications explainedbuying and operating adviceupgrade optionspasswordshead unit apps and wiring installation guides aimed at helping install the various chinese android car stereos available today.

The most liked 7″ universal Android headunit?

In this article we will look at one of the most well liked universal fit, double din android headunits available. A universal fit is just that, not specific for a particular vehicle and ideally suited to older cars and vans that have a double din mounting. It is supplied with the common generic ISO connectors, ideal for connecting adaptors for vehicle specific applications available to make the install much more plug and play.

Android Car

Android Automotive OS to give the new version of android operating system its full name, but we just call it Android Car.

Car Front Cameras

Some android headunits have an input for a front facing camera, often on a USB connection. These car front cameras are used to recorded the road ahead of the journey.

Android Head Unit Launcher

The Android Headunit Launcher is a Launcher that has been designed for use on an android headunit, in a vehicle. There are large number of android launchers designed for use in a headunit configuration. Tailored to the driving experience to aid the driver, buttons tend to be bigger and vehicle logos feature heavily. Common android head unit launchers are Car Launcher Pro (and Free), AGAMA Launcher and CarWebGuru.

Adding the Citroen logo to your Android Headunit with Agama

Adding the Citroen Logo to an android headunit and customising the colours to match the vehicle dashboard and interior is very easy to do, yet it is also very effective. It really makes your headunit display feel well integrated with your Citroen. The android screen customisations don't stop at colour and logo, there is also a selection of different backgrounds to chose from.

DAB Radio addon for Android Headunits

DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting is available to the Android Headunits as an addon USB device. The DAB+ USB connects to a free USB port

Speed up your android headunit

If your android has got slower over time it may need some software maintenance to get it back to its former snappy speeds. You don't need to install new apps

What to look for when buying an Android Headunit

You want to buy an android head unit, there are so many to choose from, but which one to buy?

XYAUTO Android Headunits Firmware

XY AUTO build firmware that runs on many of these android based car stereos. Each different version of screen resolution, memory configuration, various options fitted all require a different firmware version.

MT8768 Processor

8768 or MTK8768 is an MCU processing unit for running Android made my MediaTek, a Taiwan based fabless chip company. A big player in processors for android based devices.

MediaTek MT8667 Processor

PX6 processor (RK3399)

Imagination PowerVR GE8320 vs ARM Mali-G52

The GE8320 and Mali-G52 are graphics processing cores found in the android head units. Often referred to as GPU. They are built into the chip silicon and provide the dedicated 2D and 3D processing that android apps need.

RK3399 vs PX6

RK3399 processor found in the faster of the android headunits vs the PX6 processor also found in very similar specified android headunits. Usually with 4Gb RAM and 64Gb ROM they are both modern SoC devices ideally suited to running Android.

AC8257 Vs PX6

The PX6 scores around 11500 which is a significant jump over the AC8257 score of 9000. But a score of 9000 is still very respectable compared to the processors that came before it.

What is the ILL wire for?

ISO doesn't cover some of the extra features your android headunit can use if they are provided by the vehicle. The android headunit may have some extra wires and one of these is the orange wire. If you don't connect the ILL wire the headunit will still work but you will be missing one useful feature on an android headunit, so it is well worth tracking down the best place to connect it to.

What is ‘CVBS in 1’ the yellow RCA for?

CVBS IN is a video input (incoming to the android headunit). You can use this input to display video from say an old games console or AHD type analogue camera on the screen of the android headunit. CVBS is a very common and highly universal video connector. Although very well supported it had been replaced by HDMI leads for HD video.

Be wary of faked android headunits

Faked and incorrectly described headunits are common in an ever increasingly crowded market. The 8227L are often Faked and this one has only 1Gb RAM, but sold as 2GB.

What are the User Release Keys?

Digging through the deeper settings of the android headunit can bring up some questions, one of them being 'what are the user/release keys'?

Revering camera screen shows coloured lines

When you select reverse gear and check the android headunit screen for obstructions the usual expectation is an image from the camera. You are expecting to see some parking guide lines superimposed over the parking bays behind you. But sometimes this just doesn't happen.

How to Set Boot Logo on Your Eonon Head Unit?

With the slower android headunits it can be nice to look a the vehicle logo as the thing boots up. The procedure to add a logo to the boot screen is very similar to most of the other brands of headunit running android from the same early generation

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The requirement to use these android headunit advanced diagnostic features are not a common occurrence.

These low level android headunit directions help with some of the very serious android head unit boot errors. You would not be likely to encounter these errors in the day to day enjoyment of your android head unit. If your android is stuck or misbehaving, firstly try the RST button. If you find that the headunit boots, but is very slow compared to usual or is freezing, follow our guide for the Android Headunit running slow or freezes fix. 

CAN BUS enabled Android Headunits

There are some custom interfaces available that can convert non-can signals, like VAN or SSM to the standard CAN bus that is then compatible with your android headunit CAN BOX.